About CSP Records

CSP Records is a premier record label featuring the greatest World Music, Americana music, Blues/Soul/R&B;, Louisiana Swamp Pop, Blue Eyed Soul and Texas Roadhouse Blues music. Founded in 1977 by Baton Rouge Louisiana musician Jimmy Rogers, the label is based in Sunnyvale, Texas. CSP Records has been recording, producing and promoting singer-songwriters and distributing their products since 1977. In 2000 CSP Records signed an exclusive agreement with Westwood Music Group for World Wide placement of their song Catalog for Film and TV .CSP Records artist roster features Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Legend Fats Domino, Van Broussard, Crosscut, Wayne Foret, Kane Glaze, Gary T. Boogie Kings,Ryan Foret and Foret Tradition, Janet Ryan, Nina Massara , Yolie and other great artists. CSP releases have been featured in Billboard magazine, the Dallas Morning News, Rhythm City and other publications.

Jimmy & Connie Rogers

Jimmy Rogers local business man, musician, producer and songwriter has spearheaded all projects with CSP Records since 1977. CSP Records has produced, promoted and distributed over 70 recording projects on various recording artists over the past thirty-five years.

Highlights of Jimmy’s musical career are signing his hero, Van Broussard to a recording contract in 1977, meeting and signing Fats Domino to a licensing agreement in 2006, creating and signing the band Crosscut to a recording contract in 1998, ing Ryan Foret and Foret Tradition as a member of the CSP Records family and recently signing Janet Ryan, “Mama Soul” a powerful blues belting singer and performer, recent signings of Singer/Songwriter (Marcy Rodsky) Miss Marcy & Her Texas SugarDaddy’s. In 2016 21 year old Danish born and raised singer Nina Massara CSP released her debut Album “ Watch Me “  on 3-3-17 In 2018 , CSP Records and CSP Publishing Co ( BMI) signed the very talented , singer/ songwriter and multi- instrumentalist Yolie Millan “ YOLIE”  has released two singles “ END” and the brand new single “ Let Me Dream” on CSP Records !!!


Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Graduated from Catholic High in 1965
Graduated from LSU in 1969
Lead Guitarist for Ronnie and the Crowns 1962 – 1969
Louisiana Hall of Fame Member 1997
Record Company Owner from 1977 to present


Connie Rogers, Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for the fiscal operations and merchandising promotions for CSP Records. Connie maintains the day to day operation of CSP Publishing Company BMI, CSP Swings Ink, ASCAP and CSP Entertainment Group, Inc.