Crosscut is a thriving throwback to a whole generation Louisiana Swamp Pop bands and Texas Roadhouse Bands that featured a flamboyant lead guitar , a hard rock rhythm section ,a flashy Belting out soul singer and. Righteous Horn Section. Crosscut plays the living hell out of it on their debut CD on CSP Records.


Although Crosscut formed in Texas and makes its base of operations in Dallas, the band is right at home in neighboring Louisiana, the birthplace of swamp pop. The four-man group has many ties to the Pelican State, not the least of which is the spicy dash of zydeco and Cajun music in its songs, as well as a generous helping of blues and some country. More tangible ties exist, as well. Crosscut’s lead singer and guitarist, Jerry Sartain, formerly played in the city of Lafayette with another group called Showdown. Lavell Jones, the band’s drummer, traces his family’s roots to Baton Rouge. So, too, does Jimmy Rogers, who produced the band’s Destination Anywhere album in 2001 for CSP Records, a label located in Forney, TX. In keeping with the spirit of Louisiana, veteran Cajun artists Wayne Toups and Van Broussard are featured on the release. The CSP label also put out the band’s first recording, an eponymous album that was split between cover songs and original material, during the summer of 1999. Other members of the band include bass player Terry Vieregge, and keyboardist and harmonica player Chuck Mabrey. Jones did not join the band until 2000, when he took over on drums for Erin Baker, who played on the band’s self-titled debut.

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