Rock and Roll pioneer Fats Domino is considered by many music historians as the founder and frat real kingto Rock& Roll . Fats has been inducted into the Rock & Roll hall of fame and the songwriters hall of fame . In the 1950’s Fats outsold all of the Billboard hot 100 artists including ELVIS . Mr Domino passed away in October 2017 at the age of 89 .See all of Fats Domino releases on Amazon , Spotify, Apple Music and many more ……

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Christmas Is a Special Day

The first King Of Rock & Roll Volumes 1 & 2


Original ABC Paramount recordings… New Orleans-born Antoine “Fats” Domino is the subject of this 32-track salute issued in 2007 by CSP records. This collection draws upon three LPs: ABC’s Here Comes Fats (1963) and Fantastic Fats (1964), as well as Paramount’s Getaway with Fats Domino (1965). A pioneer of rock & roll during the 1950s, Domino spent the mid-’60s dishing out his own brand of popular music, garnished at times with contemporary production tropes including backup vocals that convey a sugary nostalgic charm. What you get here is primo easygoing music for walking, driving, cooking, cleaning, goofing off, kicking back, and feeling good. Also available is THE FIRST KING OF ROCK AND ROLL, VOL. 2. Released in 2007, 32 tracks.